Tuesday, 7 June 2016


1. Complete the following sentences:

a) The main character of the short film is _________________________ . She is having a _________________________ .

b) The creature inside the basket is similar to a _________________________ .

c) The animal has got _________________________ eyes and _________________________ legs.

d) The lady feeds the creature with _________________________ , _________________________ and _________________________ .

2. Complete with one of the two options. 

a) The old lady looks strong / fragile.

b) The small creature is sweet / dangerous / scary.

c) When the animal grow, it is a huge as a horse / whale / hippo.

3. The film was stopped at 2'37''. What will  happen next? After you have suggested at least three different endings, watch it!

a) Complete: The ending is ______________________ .

b) Is there a "hidden message" in Feed?

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