Thursday, 9 June 2016



1. Sight is one of our senses. Which are the other ones? What does the expression "out of sight" mean?


2. Answer the questions.

a) What can she "see" in this unkonw world?

b) How does she discover the walls, the woman's perfume, the cat?

c) Why do strange objects (e.g. a whale) become parto of this new world? 

d) How does this adventure end?

3. Complete the plot summary with these words.

girl - imagination - dog - world - city - film

The Taiwanese short (1) _______________ "Out of Sight" is about a little (2) 

_______________ who is walking along the (3) _______________ with her guide (4)

 _______________ when she is robbed. Her dog runs off and she enters an new (5) 

_______________ that she will discover with her senses and her (6) _______________ . 

Then, a surprising ending awaits around the corner.

OUT OF SIGHT = not visible, too far away to be seen.

ADUMU (2009)

ADUMU is a traditional dance.

1. Put the answers in order.

a) What are the two young men doing?

and disturbing // are riding // their motorbikes // the animals. // They

b) What and who does the man find? 
a lion // and then // finds // He // a wise man.

c) What does he try to do?
the other man. // tries to attack // He

d) What happens next? 
him // chases // The lion // saves him. // and the Massai  wise man

2. What is the wise man teching the young one?

Wednesday, 8 June 2016



1. What do you think the short story is about?

2. In your opinion, is it a horror, love, or science fiction story?


3. Were you right  about the genre?

4. Choose these questions' answers from the list 1) to 6) below.

  • Where do the family live?
  • What does the girl discover?
  • What does she do next?
  • What happens when she meets the fox?
  • What does the animal do?
  • How does the story end?

  1. She follows the killer's tracks into the woods.
  2. The girl's parents find her and take her home.
  3. She intends to kill it but she can't, and the animal escapes.
  4. The fox protects the girl from the snow.
  5. She discovers that her family's poultry have been killed.
  6. They live in a samll house in the countryside.

5. Choose the correct answer.

1) When the night falls, it is rainy /snowy /stormy.
2) In the woods, at night, the girl is unprotected/scared/safe.
3) The fox sees the girl and attacks/covers/pushes her with its fur.
4) In your opinion, what is the moral of the story?

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


1. Complete the following sentences:

a) The main character of the short film is _________________________ . She is having a _________________________ .

b) The creature inside the basket is similar to a _________________________ .

c) The animal has got _________________________ eyes and _________________________ legs.

d) The lady feeds the creature with _________________________ , _________________________ and _________________________ .

2. Complete with one of the two options. 

a) The old lady looks strong / fragile.

b) The small creature is sweet / dangerous / scary.

c) When the animal grow, it is a huge as a horse / whale / hippo.

3. The film was stopped at 2'37''. What will  happen next? After you have suggested at least three different endings, watch it!

a) Complete: The ending is ______________________ .

b) Is there a "hidden message" in Feed?