Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Nervous System and the brain - UNIT 4


  1. My dearest Gaspacho,

    Congratulations for your website.

    I am an English teacher in Lima, Perú. At present, I am teaching first and second grade of secondary school. But my students have an English basic level. So this page you prepared is an excellent source to share with my second grade students.

    As in recent workshops and seminars, blending is a suggestion to incorporate in the English classes, today I asked the Science and Environmental teacher about the topic she was teaching them and she said: "The nervous system".

    It's the first time I am going to apply the blending due that I only have classes with them once a week. Your page will be an excellent for not saying awesome for them. I am sure that even though their English is limited, the games you included in it will make them enjoy it. I tell you in advance that they will be delighted with your page, for sure.

    Thanks a million for all your creativity and effort doing this webpage.

    Love and abundant blessings to you and your family Gaspacho,

    Margarita Jara

  2. Thank you very much Margarita for all your words and blessings. My blog is a recopilation of all the interactive activities that I find on the web and are suitable for my students. I'm glad that all these activities can help you a lot. Good luck and we keep in touch.

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