Saturday, 19 November 2011

MY LIFE by Adrián G. L. (5th A)

Adrián G. L. is a student of 5th year A. He has written a poem in English. We hope you like it. Enjoy!!


I like my life in this moment,
I'm not sad, I'm with enthusiasm
I'm using the art of this poem
And I write this things like a chant.

I have one mother and one father,
And I have a sister too.
I love them more than a rubber,
And also more than a book.

I go to Torres Quevedo school,
and I learn lots of things, 
I've lots of notebooks and lots of books,
and I write works like this.

I'm going to talk about school too,
but this time for the break, 
we play football,
for me, better than a cake.